Agency Used This Tool To Scale From $1,000 Profit Per Day to $20,000+

What People Are Saying

"I used to check my ad accounts every 2 hours on a good day and I would be stuck on my computer on bad days. Basically my life belonged to my ad accounts on good or bad. With BT I get my life back."

Are Spreadsheets getting out of hand?

Chasing down media buyers to log their spend?

Is scaling killing your ROAS?

Does managing accounts feel like a juggling act?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day tasks?

Able to bring on more paying clients but don’t have enough bandwidth?

If you said yes to any of these questions then this read will be nothing short of a game changer.

Before you keep reading

This tool is only meant for experienced Facebook marketers.

You should know how to write your own copy, scale, optimize, understand data, and the entire ins and outs of Facebook marketing.

BuyerTool will help you:


BuyerTool isn't a product that has complex algorithms, machine learning, or “A.I.”. It doesn't build highly targeted audiences for you or automate your ads.

It’s a simple, straight forward tool that helps you understand your entire Facebook media buying team deeper than any other tool on the market.

If that sounds good to you let's go ahead and get started with why...

Full Transparency

If you've ever wondered exactly how your team is performing at that exact moment BuyerTool makes it easy to see what's happening down to the second.

Most users check BuyerTool first thing in the morning, during meals, and in their downtime. Some users leave it on a screen all day.

At the end of the day it's your hard earned money.

You will be able to know:

Money is the bloodline of any business. We can all agree that knowing where it’s going should be top of the list.

In one refresh you will see exactly what's happening in all of your accounts.

Real Time Data

BuyerTool connects directly to the Facebook API so you see your money as it is being spent.

This gives you several advantages:

Case Study


"We noticed a dip in performance from 12pm. One of our media buyers reported a downward trend. After troubleshooting we identified that our client's developer deployed a bug onto the checkout page at that time. We reported the problem and made the fix. That saved several thousand dollars from being lost and ad accounts rolled into the next day like nothing happened."

"When you are staring at all of your data in the Facebook UI it can be difficult to identify when changes happen."

Efficiency Booster/Cuts Costs

BuyerTool has helped triple the number of accounts that each media buyer could manage.

For an agency, this could mean more money.

For a brand, this could mean managing more spend and products — in other words... More money.


This is an example based on a media buyer managing 5 ad accounts using BuyerTool vs Not. All of these are essential parts of each buyer’s day.

Task Without With Time Saved
Pull Spend for day before - 3 min each account 15 Minutes 5 Minutes 10 Minutes
Analyze breakdown data 150 Minutes (30 minutes each account) 75 Minutes (15 minutes each account) 75 Minutes
Check in on accounts morning 50 Minutes (10 minutes each account) 10 Minutes 40 Minutes
Check in on accounts afternoon 50 Minutes (10 minutes each account) 10 Minutes 40 Minutes
Adjust Budgets 100 Minutes (20 minutes each account) 60 Minutes 40 Minutes
Check in on accounts night 50 Minutes (10 minutes each account) 10 Minutes 40 Minutes
TOTAL 6 Hours 55 Minutes 2 Hours 50 Minutes 4 Hours 5 Minutes

Assuming that you are a data driven marketer. You can do the math:

Each media buyer would be saving
4 hours 5 Minutes per Day
20 hours 25 Minutes per Week
81 hours 40 Minutes per Month
1061 hours 40 Minutes per Year

When you multiply that by how many media buyers you have over an amount of time it builds up.

Training New Media Buyers

One of the scariest parts about training new media buyers is the fact that they are dealing with real money — Your Money.

No matter how good of a trainer they have there are still a lot of mistakes they can make.

Anything from using the wrong link, wrong product, wrong audience, wrong fan page, wrong ad copy, scaling too soon, not scaling soon enough, or any combination thereof — it’s typically not their fault, it falls on the person training them.

In any case, mistakes are just a natural part of the training process.

BuyerTool allows you to catch mistakes and correct them before any substantial damage can be done.

Case Study

We were onboarding a new media buyer. He had a pretty successful first month so we allowed him to manage additional products.

The Next week, I had to go to a meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Throughout the flight I was able to keep an eye on all the stats and everything looked fine.

The software worked great even on the spotty Chinese WiFi service onboard the plane.

I landed, checked into my hotel, went to the first meeting and things went great. We had a lot of fun and got tons of work done.

As I was heading back to my hotel at around 2am in Vietnam, 12pm Pacific Standard Time I took a look at BuyerTool on my phone and saw that the new media buyer had lost over $1,000 on his new accounts.

I was able to pause his accounts from my phone from the back of the cab on a Vietnamese network and send him a nice message: “Hey, looks like your new campaigns tanked. I paused them, let's take a look and relaunch later.”

The team had a look at his campaigns and realized that he was using the wrong landing page. We made the adjustment and were able to successfully relaunch the campaigns with minimal losses.

Faster Meetings

Meetings are often the biggest waste of time. It puts a hold on whoever is sitting in the meeting if the itinerary isn’t set ahead of time.

For media buyer meetings you’ll typically sit and go around the table discussing progress, then look at some spreadsheets together and analyze performance.

With BuyerTool you are able to go straight to addressing the important part of the meetings or eliminate some meetings completely.

Before meetings you can check the stats from the past week and today, see who did well and who might need help, then use that to create the itinerary for the meeting and cut straight to the important stuff.

Ego Checks/ ”Crushin it” Syndrome

If you haven’t said you were crushing it when you weren't, are you even a media buyer?

Everyone knows how marketers are — They are savages, workaholics, and optimists.

This typically works in their favor but sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes you need to be able to understand your data and either make an adjustment or kill the creative/copy that you fell in love with and try something else.

With BuyerTool, it makes it easier to do just that.

Within seconds you can pull data from your entire team and know exactly who's “crushing it”, what's “crushing it” or not.


"I thought one of our products were ready for scale. Everyone felt confident about it but when I pulled up the numbers, the numbers didn't reflect what the team was saying.

It only had a few days where it did very well but for the most part lost. It kinda shows that 'eye balling' ad accounts and basing decisions off of meetings isn't always the best thing to do."

Focus on creativity

Your team can focus on creatives and testing more copy — the thing that keeps your costs down.

Instead of the vicious "tab, optimize, repeat" cycle every day you can sit down and try things that you normally would not have enough time to do.

Write that VSL, implement that split test software, rewrite the presell page, test that different angle, or shoot that ad with a jingle on a bus.

Buying that extra time to really focus on the creative side is worth more than you think.


"My media buyers went from spending most of their day working in their ad accounts to leading other departments in our agency while still managing several high spend ad accounts."

Identify Leaks in Your Campaigns

When you have multiple ad accounts serving the same product or client it’s virtually impossible to aggregate the data together.

The most you can do is open up the breakdown, and look at the account windows side by side, and eyeball the performance — not so efficient or accurate.

BuyerTool is able to show you your aggregated product and media buyer all in one UI so you can see a full breakdown:

Case Study


This company was using 2 media buyers on 2 separate ad accounts for a single client.

BuyerTool was able to aggregate both of their data together and identify a leak in their campaign.

Everything looked good on the spend level, cost per acquisition, good ROI, but when we dove into placements we noticed that the Instagram placement was far in the negative.

The other placements essentially buried the leak and made the whole campaign still look great.

The CMO was able to gather the team and address the problem within 5 minutes and saved the campaign 10's of thousands of dollars per week.

How It Works

BuyerTool is super simple to use and the set up takes minutes.

It connects directly to your Facebook API. You assign a media buyer and product to each ad account and the software does the rest.

It compiles your past data up to 60 days from when you attach so you can analyze past data before you were using BuyerTool.

BuyerTool currently manages millions in spend, 100+ ad accounts, dozens of products, and multiple high level companies and agencies — you don’t have to worry about it affecting your campaigns in a negative way.

How do I find out more?

Currently, BuyerTool is an invite-only closed beta for qualified agencies and brands. If you would like to participate in the closed beta user group click the link below and submit your info.

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